The Junk Drawer Project

I recently did some logo design for my friend Erin's website The Junk Drawer Project. Check it out! She used #1, but  I flushed out a couple more of the ideas for fun.


Finally getting back to drawing.



For a 5x5 show we are having at work. My inspiration is all of the Indiana Jones films. And a little influence from just being in Mexico for 2 weeks.


Rayguns & Robots Show

This is a piece I did for the upcoming show at Seattle's Ltd. Gallery titled "Rayguns & Robots!", a tribute to classic science fiction. My piece is based off Forbidden Planet.
This movie amazed me with the mixture of set design and landscapes.


Breaking Bad

My tribute to Breaking Bad...that show has sucked me in. I used to dream I would someday get a winnebago and drive it across the country on a grand adventure. Now when I see one I instantly question if it's used to make meth.


the hunt


Birthday Fox

Fox Here is the birthday fox I created for Neysa. I decided to use it for a fun gif.